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At the Family Center, we are passionate about education and dedicated to furthering our educational goals. We invest time and money in educational training opportunities, and our teachers routinely go above and beyond the required 15 hours of training per year as required by the Child Care Division, and most of our staff meet and sometimes exceed the necessary qualifications established by the QRIS. Many of our teachers have traveled to Reggio Emilia, Italy, have participated in nation-wide renown conferences around the country, have taken early childhood education classes at Lane Community College, have had the opportunity to take inhouse training, and more.

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Voting Members

Avalon Mason
Position Currently Vacant
Tina Cheng
Andrea Imhof
Board Member
Lizette Nunez
Board Member
Adriana Rosales
Board Member
Anya Samora-Walker
Board Member
Manisha Buttar
Board Member
Sarah McConkie

Non-Voting Members

Staff Representative
Stephanie Wilson
Business Manager
Tami Brown
Rachel Jefferson

Purpose and Governance

The Board of Director is the 501.3c required governing body of the Co-op Family Center that oversees the activities of the organization. The Board delegates the power of operation to the executive director. In order to fullfil its duty of oversight and fiduciary responsibility, the Board governs through the model of policy governance. In this model, the Board sets policies that outline high-level goals for the long-term future, and limitations on the means the director can use to fulfill those goals. Progress and performance of the organization is obtained through monitoring reports from the director (for a more complete description refer to the policy book). The Board is elected by the membership (enrolled families of the Co-op Family Center) and reports back to them once a year at the annual meeting, which is usually held at the beginning of the fall term (September / October).

Board meetings are held once a month on the fourth Wednesday of a month and are open to the public, except executive sessions.
Bylaws 22 May 2012
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