Sarah Conrad

Wobbler Lead Teacher
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Hello Wonderful Co-op Families,  

I was born and raised in Sonora, California, but have lived in Oregon since 2009. I attended the University of Oregon and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Family and Human Services in 2016. While in college I worked as a student teacher at Moss Street Children’s Center and completed internships at The Relief Nursery, DHS, and the Brattain House in Springfield. After graduating, I accepted a lead teaching position in Early Education in Beaverton where I worked for almost three years. In 2019, my husband and I relocated back to Springfield and I began working here at the Co-op. While my formal teaching experience started after I graduated, I’ve worked with children since 2012 through volunteer work as well.  

Since I was a child, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. It brings me such joy to have fulfilled that dream of mine and to be able to work with children every day. Children deserve to play and explore the workings of the world in an environment that is safe and nurturing, and to be surrounded by people who love and support them in every way possible. The Co-op provides this whole-heartedly and I am beyond grateful to be a part of this community as a teacher and as a parent.  

Outside of my work as a teacher, I am a wife and mother. I got married to my husband Brandon in 2018 and we had our first child, Addison, in 2021. She attends the Co-op and is currently in the Wobbler room. We also have two dogs, a corgi named Winnie and a lab named Koda; and have three geckos named Nakia, Nova, and Draco. In my free-time, I enjoy hiking, exploring nature, reading, and creating art. My husband and I also share a passion for traveling so we hope to continue visiting beautiful new places around the world.

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