Kim Frank

Pre-K/Kindergarden Lead Teacher
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   My story begins when I graduated from OSU in Forestry. I was a restless graduate; yes, wanting to get a job, but also wanting a bit of adventure. I decided a pause in Seattle with a year in art school sounded like a grand idea! One morning, as a “semi-hungry” art student, I accepted a job doing what I thought would be recreation in the city for folks. But, as the song lyrics remind us: “time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. . .” it was not what I had thought. The job was childcare with the YMCA summer camp program. Now keep in mind, I had never had any interest in children or had siblings, if this job would have posted as childcare I never would have applied, I am beyond grateful that I did. That experience set me on my current path and has been my passion, career, life for more than 30 years.              

    As a teacher I want to inspire creativity through the 100 languages of expression we all have. I want to provoke curiosity and passion for learning. I want to encourage optimism and trust in our individual abilities to effect the group in a positive way. As a teacher of the Co-op Family Center I feel as if I am in a “murmuration of starlings” flying in a group. All birds are important, and each has the power to shape the function of the flock. Here, I have learned what it is to be part of something bigger than yourself, to be part of a learning community.

    These values and gifts I have collected through teaching, helped me also be a great Mom to my son. My husband Carl and I would not be the parents we are without the support and influence of the Co-op and the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia. We remain devoted for life! My son will continue to take award winning photos, my husband will continue to “shred” the electric guitar and I will keep growing and learning.

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