Enrollment Process

Admissions Policy

The Co-op Family Center is open for full time and part time schedules. Our program is open to everyone regardless of race, color, handicap, age, sex or national origin.


If you wish to apply to admit your child, please fill out the form

Enrollment shall give priority in the following order: matriculated students of the University of Oregon who reside in Spencer View Family Housing, matriculated students at large of the University of Oregon, faculty and staff of The University of Oregon and community members if space is available.

Co-op Family Center Enrollment Policy

Enrollment priority shall be given in the following order:

·      UO students currently enrolled at the Co-op;  

·      UO students new to the Co-op living in Spencer View Family Housing;  

·      All other UO students new to the Co-op;  

·      Returning UO faculty/staff families;  

·      Returning community families;  

·      New UO faculty/staff families; and,  

·      New community families

NEW: Student Status: Having student status (degree seeking or CEP) is the only way to guarantee a spot at the Co-op Family Center for the next academic year. Please consider this information when signing up for care to make the best decision for your family. The Co-op willnot provide information to influence your decision or notify you if a class room is filling up.

The Co-op is contracted with the ASUO (UO student government). Our contract requires the following to qualify as a student and student rates for our program: A parent needs to be taking a class at the University of Oregon (UO) and paying the mandatory student incidental fees.


Each term (fall, winter and spring terms),the Co-op will require parents to provide proof of their student status.

Proof of student status can be confirmed with one of the following:  

·      ASUO Child Care Subsidy recipient;  

·      Spencer View resident; or  

·      Copy of UO invoice showing tuition and mandatory fees.


Changing from student to non-student

All children enrolled will be guaranteed continued enrollment if a parent has a University of Oregon degree seeking student status. If that parent graduates or stops taking classes during the academic year and no longer has student status, without a second parent with student status remaining enrolled, the Co-op will only be able to guarantee enrollment through the remainder of the academic year (June). At that time (summer and/or the following fall), the Co-op may need to withdraw a non-student family for an incoming student family. Once there is no longer degree seeking student status, the rate will change to non-student, unless the family becomes a CEP student.

Community Education Program (CEP status)

A parent taking classes through the Community Education Program will have the same student status as an enrolled degree seeking student of the UO. To guarantee continued enrollment at the Co-op, CEP students will be required to take a class during the fall, winter, and spring terms of that academic year.  

Summer Enrollment

In early May of each year, we send home schedule requests to determine the needs of parents for summer. The Co-op will provide as much flexibility for scheduling without putting it into financial difficulty. Enrollment is guaranteed for students from spring to fall without summer enrollment. A family that has a parent with student status for spring term and the following fall term will be allowed to pay student rates regardless of UO enrollment status during summer.


Fall Term Enrollment Timeline

Schedule request for the next academic year will also go out with the summer schedule request in early May. Each year all slots are held for current and incoming UO students. If spaces are still available, we will confirm our current non-student families by the end of July. On August 15th, any remaining spots will be opened to new UO faculty/staff, followed by new community families.

If there is limited space for Returning Non-Student Families

If space is limited for the upcoming fall term, priority will be givento returning UO faculty/staff families. Siblings of these faculty/staffchildren who will already have a spot in another classroom will be givenpriority if space allows. At that time, we will enter all other interestedreturning UO faculty/staff families into a lottery for their child’s classroom.We will draw names and offer spots accordingly. After the spots are filled, theremaining families will be put on a waiting list and put at the top of thefaculty/staff waiting list.  

If the Co-op is able accommodate all current faculty/staff families, thesame process above will then be used for current community members.

Steps of enrollment (Once a spot is offered)

The First Step: Enrollment Information

The enrollment information collected for each child provides vital information regarding your child’s background, individual needs, and health, where you can be reached in an emergency, and who is permitted to pickup your child. Our enrollment information is collected online through Guidestar. A link to fill out the enrollment information will be provided to each family and must be filled out before the first day of care in our program.


List of Enrollment Requirements (must be completed before beginning firstday of care)

- Parent contract withchild’s schedule

- Child Enrollment and Authorization form

- Immunization records

- USDA forms

- Transportation form and agreement (if applicable)

- Parent Policy Book agreement form


Information Changes

Enrollment information will be updated at the beginning of fall term each year. If your child or family information changes during the year, please login into our Guide star portal and update your information.


The Second Step: Intake Meeting

A meeting will be scheduledbefore your child starts coming to the Co-op Family Center to give you anopportunity to meet the lead teacher(s) in your child's classroom and learn alittle about your child and family. The orientation takes about a half hour andprovides the opportunity for the staff to go over our educational philosophy,parent’s and the Co-op’s responsibilities, details about your child, as well aspolicies and procedures. It also gives you the opportunity to ask any questionsyou might have.