Tami Brown

Business Manager

I have a very long and amazing story at the Co-op. I am one of the last few remaining staff that began my Co-op journey at Amazon Co-op Family Center. I was hired in the spring of 1994 as a lead teacher to help begin the new infant-toddler program being started at Amazon. It was an amazing opportunity to work in collaboration with staff and parents to create an incredible environment for our youngest. As soon as I started working at the Co-op I realized that I had found my home and community. My “cookie cutter” early childhood education was out the door as I whole heartedly immersed myself in the philosophy of the Co-op and the beautiful way of developing relationships with families and kids. I was fortunate to be able to have both of my kids (Cory and Jessica) become “Co-op kids”, this as well as my husband, Daren, began building furniture for the Co-op; we all became immersed in the community.

As the center moved from the former Amazon Family Housing into the newly built Spencer View Family Housing and we became the Co-op Family Center I moved into an administrative in 1996. I have been in an admin position since that time as Assistant Director for five years, Co-Director for ten years and now Business Manager. I feel so lucky to be apart of a center that values the child, the family and the staff. I have seen the magic of growing up with the values of this philosophy with my own two kids as well as my three grand children who have all grown up attending the Co-op. I believe the influence of the Co-op on both Jessica and Cory lead them into chosen fields of supporting people.

I love being with animals which is now reflected by the menagerie that I have at home. I spend my time at home time with my horses, dog and cats (and of course husband). If I was allowed there would be many many more!

Administration Staff