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Hello everybody!

My name is Taylor Colburn-Coryell and I am one of the lead preschool teachers at the Co-op! My background in education comes from experience in schools, Early Childhood Education programs at Lane Community College and Eastern Oregon University, and the passion to advocate for the learning of young children. Also, fun note about me is that I am a Music Together Teacher and taught at Music Together Eugene. I bring art, music and passion into the classroom as I learn beside the children. The Reggio-Emilia teachings and work by Loris Malaguzzi has inspired me since my first learning of it in college.

My journey into teaching has evolved and developed throughout the years, but right now in my journey I find myself delving deeper into my role as a teacher. I feel the largest way to summarize my view of my role is the acknowledgement of children’s ideals and their role in their own learning, in the classroom and outside of it. I work on modeling self-regulation, social learning, and mindfulness tools for the children in my classroom. I believe I am a co-constructer, working alongside the children intentionally observing & documenting what and how they learn. When I first came into the field, I was drawn to young children and I was an Infant teacher for a few years, as it has always been what came most natural to me. But as I have been with the preschool ages, I find myself in a place that fits me best. With this age, we focus on connecting with the children and learning with them to find their own interests, passions, and social experiences. Connecting not only with the children to their teachers, but with the classroom and the connectedness to nature as a whole.

I am a mother of two extraordinary children, Calliope & Silas who are both currently with me at the Co-Op. It has been a joy to find a place I can find home in my career as well as a home for my children to grow. My life revolves steadily around family, friends and time for my personal hobbies (reading, painting, learning music, true crime documentaries, movie marathons & long, rainy nature walks in the PNW).

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