Norma Lindh-Nussbaum

Infant Lead Teacher
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My name is Norma and I have been involved with the Co-op since 1997 as a teacher, parent, served on the board of directors and as a sub-director. Teaching at the Co-op has been one of my greatest pleasures. To be able to come in and spend my days with these incredible human beings is a priviledge that I take as an honor. I learn so much from the children daily  and I hold very high respect for their opinions, ideas, courage, and willingness to share their own voices in their learning. The friendships that I have made in the community are friendships that will last a life time and with families from all over the planet as our school is International in its service to the University.

Being a parent at the Co-op was an experience that changed me as a human being. Seeing my children thrive in a school where they mattered the most and with such a loving and supportive  environment was very much a gift. And one that I still carry with me! Some of the children that were with me early on in my classrooms now have grown and have children of their own.

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